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Warranty and Return Policy


12.1 Unless otherwise stipulated in the MondiParts RMA Terms and Conditions, if agreed upon, MondiParts guarantees the customer that the delivered goods comply with the applicable specifications issued by the supplier for three (3) months after delivery. If the product specifications are not known or known to the customer, MondiParts guarantees to the customer that the delivered goods do not show any material or construction defects during the same period. The guarantee stated in the previous sentences only applies if the goods are used normally and carefully and all instructions given for use and other guarantee regulations included in the agreement, the MondiParts RMA Terms and Conditions and in the guarantee certificate, are and are complied with punctually and completely. The warranty only means that MondiParts will repair these errors to the best of its ability, or replace the goods, at MondiParts' discretion and at the discretion of MondiParts. Consumables such as batteries, cables and memory carriers are excluded from this warranty. Products or parts thereof, which are replaced under this warranty, become the property of MondiParts. Defects must be reported to MondiParts in writing in order to be processed. MondiParts is never liable for the recovery of data lost for whatever reason.

12.2 The guarantee does not apply if the errors are wholly or partly the result of incorrect, careless or incompetent use, use for other than normal (business) purposes, external causes, such as fire or water damage, or if the goods have been modified by others than MondiParts or have not been professionally and regularly maintained. Nor can the guarantee be invoked if any part or part has been replaced with less compatible and/or qualitatively not at least equivalent to the original parts.

12.3 By complying with one of the conditions set out in art. 12.1, MondiParts is fully discharged of its obligations. The customer is not entitled to claim compensation, nor is the customer entitled to dissolve the agreement in whole or in part.

12.4 If MondiParts has purchased goods from a supplier, the guarantee is limited to the applicable guarantee conditions of the supplier. MondiParts will inform the customer at his request about the applicable provisions. In particular, the warranty on Samsung Service Pack LCD is through Samsung and the lead time is at least 10 working days. IMPORTANT!, the Service Pack LCD must be presented complete in the original box for warranty. If the warranty is granted by Samsung, the purchase price will be reimbursed.

Liability and indemnification

13.1 MondiParts is not liable for damage to the delivered goods other than with due observance of the provisions of this article 13. In any case, the contractual and legal liability of MondiParts is at all times limited to the amount of the purchase price of the item in respect of which that liability has arisen.

13.2 MondiParts is not liable, either by law or by agreement, for so-called consequential damage that the customer or a third party may suffer in connection with (the use of) the delivered goods, including trading loss, environmental damage and immaterial damage.

13.3 The provisions of the previous paragraphs do not affect MondiParts' liability under Title 3, Section 3, Book 6 of the Dutch Civil Code (Product Liability).

13.4 Unless the damage is caused by gross negligence or intent on the part of MondiParts, the customer will indemnify MondiParts against all claims from third parties, directly or indirectly related to (the use of) the delivered goods and will compensate MondiParts for all damage that MondiParts suffers as a result of such claims.

Artikel 14. Confidentiality

14.1 The parties are mutually obliged to observe complete secrecy towards third parties with regard to mutually provided confidential (company) information. The customer is obliged to take measures to ensure that this confidentiality is observed by its employees.

14.2 Without the prior express written permission of MondiParts, the customer is not permitted to copy, reproduce or change documentation, the copyright of which rests with MondiParts, both during the term and after the termination of the agreement. He is also not allowed to give third parties permission to do so.

14.3 In the absence of compliance with the provisions of this article, the customer forfeits an immediately due and payable fine to MondiParts of € 5,000 per violation or per day that such a violation continues, whereby any disclosure or communication to third parties or infringement of copyright protected material or duplication or modification without written permission from MondiParts, is regarded as one violation.

Article 15. Export Restrictions

The customer will fully observe national and other (including American) export restrictions with regard to goods obtained under an agreement with MondiParts and will also impose this obligation on these third parties in the event of resale or any form of making available to third parties. The customer indemnifies MondiParts against any disadvantage that it will suffer if the customer should not fulfill these obligations.

Article 16. Disputes

16.1 All agreements concluded between the parties and legal relationships arising therefrom are exclusively governed by Dutch law. The applicability of the Vienna Sales Convention is excluded.

16.2 All disputes arising from or in connection with the agreement to which these terms and conditions apply or the relevant terms and conditions themselves and their interpretation or implementation, will be settled by the competent court in Rotterdam or the competent court in the place of residence of the customer, at the option of of MondiParts, unless otherwise agreed. If MondiParts provides services for the customer, the following conditions will also apply in addition to the above conditions. In the event of any contradiction, the provisions of art. 1 to 16.

Article 17. Establishment of assignment

17.1 MondiParts tries to give the best possible picture of the work to be performed in its offers.

17.2 MondiParts has the right to refuse an order without stating reasons and is not liable for damage that arises or will arise directly or indirectly from this refusal.

17.3 MondiParts is only legally represented with regard to orders for the provision of services by those who are entitled to do so as evidenced by registration in the trade register at the Chamber of Commerce.

17.4 As long as an offer by MondiParts has not led to an order, MondiParts reserves the right to use its capacity elsewhere.

17.5 If, in the opinion of MondiParts or in the opinion of the customer, third parties must be engaged for the assignment, the customer is obliged to cooperate in all reasonableness.

17.6 All contacts with engaged third parties take place via MondiParts. The customer can only involve third parties in the execution of the assignment after consultation with MondiParts and cannot independently make agreements with these third parties about work.

Article 18. Early termination of assignment

If MondiParts or the customer is of the opinion that the work cannot be carried out by MondiParts in accordance with the offer, the order confirmation or any further specifications, the parties will enter into consultation. If the parties fail to reach agreement, each of the parties has the right to terminate the agreement prematurely with a notice period of one month, with the exception of assignments with a term of less than two months. In the event of premature termination in accordance with the previous sentence, the customer will owe MondiParts the agreed fee for services performed up to the date on which the agreement ends. If the agreement is terminated by the customer, it will also reimburse MondiParts for the costs related to reserved capacity and deployment of personnel during three months after the date on which the agreement ends.

RMA conditions MondiParts BV

These RMA Conditions apply to offers, negotiations and agreements between MondiParts as seller and its buyer as buyer (the “buyer”) with regard to hardware products to be delivered by MondiParts. The general sales and delivery conditions of MondiParts also apply. In the event of any conflict between any provision in these RMA Terms and Conditions and the General Terms and Conditions, the latter shall prevail. Such a contradiction does not affect the validity of the other provisions in these RMA Terms. These RMA Conditions include an RMA procedure regulation for: defective products (1) and incorrect delivery (2).

Returns and RMA arrangement for defective products


1.1. A distinction is made between handling DOA, warranty handling and out-of-warranty handling. Always report a defect no later than 5 days after receipt with possibly. photos/videos via

1.2. For products from a number of manufacturers, the customer or end user can contact the manufacturer directly for the DOA and/or warranty handling of a defective product. This is often the simplest and fastest way to repair.

1.3. If the customer wishes to make use of MondiParts' RMA service for the repair of defective products from manufacturers mentioned under 1.2, standard administration costs will be charged in addition to repair and other costs.

1.4. Any warranty from the manufacturer only applies to hardware defects. Software is never covered by warranty. MondiParts is not responsible or liable for virus detection, virus prevention or any malfunction or loss of data due to viruses, incompatibility, configuration problems, etc.

DOA (Dead On Arrival)

1.5. DOA handling only applies to products from manufacturers that have a DOA regulation. This period is usually 5 days, unless otherwise arranged by the manufacturer. In the event of an accepted DOA, the customer is never entitled to more than exchange the defective product for a new product. Products for which there is no DOA regulation or which fall outside the DOA term, will be repaired provided that they fall under the warranty conditions of the manufacturer. For all DOA schemes, DOAs will only be accepted if the products are returned complete, including all accessories, and in the original packaging.


1.6. A manufacturer's warranty period starts at the time of delivery (invoice date, delivery note or end user invoice). With regard to defective products, most factory warranties assume repair within the warranty period; however, certain products will only be exchanged for a new product or an equivalent replacement subject to the manufacturer's warranty conditions. If upon inspection it appears that the product is not DOA or does not show a defect, the customer will be charged research costs. Defects caused by software or configuration problems are never covered by any warranty.

Xssive products

1 year

Lcd Display / Touch

  • Service Pack: warranty expires after complete sticking/assembly;
  • Apple Compatible & OEM: 3 months (excluding: physical damage, such as scratches/cracks, cable breakage);
  • Apple Incell, ORG & Refurbished: 6 months (excluding: physical damage, such as scratches/cracks, cable breakage);
  • Other brands: 6 months (excluding: physical damage, such as scratches/cracks, cable breakage);
  • Used Touch Screens are not taken back


  • Service Pack: 12 months
  • MP batterij: 6 months

    Out-of-warranty handling

    1.7. If products fall outside the warranty period or show defects as a result of improper or injudicious use (e.g. fall damage, moisture damage or damage caused when the defective product is shipped to MondiParts), the customer will receive a written quotation for approval before proceeding with repairs. . If the customer does not agree to the quotation, the aforementioned research costs will be charged. Service Pack LCD warranty expires after installation. Test this before mounting.


    1.8. Register an RMA at any time via

    1.9. An RMA request must include at least the following information:

    • Articlenumber en productdescription
    • Amount of products
    • Complaint description

    After receiving your RMA registration you will receive an RMA number, clearly state this together with the delivery address on the box with which you return. You will receive an update about this in 1 week after we have received your return.

    1.10. Incomplete or unclear forms will not be processed. Proof of warranty must always be enclosed with the product. Defective products that are sent without a guarantee certificate will be treated as falling outside the guarantee. IMPORTANT: LCD screens will only be processed with a box. The warranty of Service Pack LCD screens expires after sticking/mounting. Always test these first before assembly. Failure to include a warranty certificate may cause delays in handling and/or repair. No rights can be derived from the warranty handling stated on the RMA form; the existence and scope of any applicable guarantee will be determined as soon as possible after receipt by MondiParts of the defective product. Products can only be returned at the risk of the customer and must always be properly packaged for transport. If MondiParts receives products that are improperly packaged, the packaging costs for the return transport will be charged. To prevent damage, delays in repair and other problems, the customer must take at least the following measures before returning defective products:

    • The customer must make a backup of the data (MondiParts is never responsible for possible loss of data);
    • The customer must ensure proper transport packaging;

    1.11. Defective products must be sent within 7 days to:

    o.v.v. RMA
    Sheffieldstraat 39
    3047AN Rotterdam

    Return condition

    A box is required for returning products. If you send products back without a box, they will not be processed.

    We do not accept returned products that have been edited (on which there is writing and/or have a sticker that is not from mondiparts).

    1.12. The costs for shipping to MondiParts are for the account of the customer. Unstamped shipments are not accepted. The customer is responsible and liable for damage and/or loss during transport to MondiParts. The shipping costs of exchange or return to the customer of the repaired product are for the account of MondiParts.

    1.13 Exceptions:

    • Private label products including Tempered Glass Screen Protector, cables.
    • Items of branded products without packaging.
    • Items that cannot be returned for hygienic reasons, such as earplugs, unless the packaging is still sealed.
    • Original Accessories of Samsung and Apple You can go with the customer directly toSamsung or Apple.
    • Discounted items cannot be returned.

    2. RMA arrangement incorrect delivery by MondiParts

    2.1. Products that have been incorrectly delivered by MondiParts to the customer will only be returned with due observance of the following conditions.

    2.2. An RMA request must be submitted in writing by email within five (5) business days of delivery. The products to be returned must be current and salable as new, in undamaged packaging, unopened and without broken seals. Products ordered, combined or adapted at the request of the customer can never be returned.

    2.3. The RMA form must be clearly visible on the outside of the transport packaging.

    2.4. Products that are returned to MondiParts without an RMA number will be refused, as will unstamped shipments. After receipt and inspection of the products in the warehouse, administrative processing and a possible. credit note. The amount of the credit depends on the condition of the products, at the sole discretion of MondiParts.

    3. Returning an incorrect order (as of January 1, 2022)

    3.1 Wrongly ordered products may be returned in their original condition within 2 weeks after the date of purchase (invoice date). The costs for a return shipment to MondiParts are for the account of the customer. We also use administration costs of 10% of the purchase amount with a minimum of 10 euros.

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